Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Amaryllis Floral Painting, Bolero Red, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

'Bolero Red' is the actual name for this variety of amaryllis, and with the dark toned background I think it feels very  Spanish...  I almost started to do a little flamenco dancing when I finished this painting.

(*Unfortunately there is a bit of a glare on the left side of this photo, I will attempt another photo when it is dry, as I just painted it yesterday.  This painting looks very rich in real life, so you are welcome to pop over to my studio to have a peek, just email me first)

The word bolero conjures up different images... who can forget Maurice Ravel's piece of music 'The Bolero' in the movie '10' and with Bo Derek and Dudley Moore (enough said)...  or the little jacket called a bolero which had its origins in Spain (first worn by men), then found its way to the New World and  Mexican Cowboys.  The bolero was soon incorporated into the female fashion world and can be seen as an influence in the short little sweaters called a shrug.

18x24 oil on gallery profile canvas

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claire christinel said...

Love your rich vibrant colours. You sunflowers are a la Van Gogh! Great texture.