Thursday, November 4, 2010

Geranium Floral Painting, Geranium Gem, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

White geraniums sparkle in the sunshine like crystals... semi-opaque white quartz crystals that change their degree of opaqueness depending how much light is shining on their multi-faceted little faces.

Brazil is the largest exporter of radio and radar quality quartz crystals...  no where else on earth has the same quality and quantity of quartz crystals.  During the second world war Arkansas was the only US State to have the quality needed, but it could not produce the quantity required.  Importation of Brazilian quartz was vital to the war effort and continued via airplanes during the war  because there were so many German U-boats patrolling the Atlantic, Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico shortly after Pearl Harbor, cutting off the supply by sea.  My research suggests that the normal resonant mechanical vibrations of the crystal controlled the radio frequency of a circuit and man enhanced this feature by cutting and orienting the quartz in a specific way.
Crystals technology is utilized in many ways today... from the military to alternative healing practices.

10x10 oil on canvas (+ 15.00 S& H anywhere in North America)


Kim said...


Gwen Bell said...

Stunning! That thick brushwork is luscious. I can certainly see why it sold so quickly! Congrats!

mary maxam said...

beautiful, I like the thick paint and silhouette layout

LindaHunt said...

Wonderful use of subtle transitional tones in the white! Very nice!!

Anonymous said...

Another fabulous surprise its sold. I like it so very much!