Saturday, November 27, 2010

Flag painting, Hungarian Flag I, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

This version of the Hungarian Flag with the current coat of arms is a special Christmas Gift to a father from one of his daughters and her husband.  Getting the actual flag out of the parent's home in order for me to photograph it for reference was a clandestine operation.  Of course, the Mother was in on the caper and helped her daughter figure out which flag (there are a few versions) should be the one for the painting.  I love these types of stories.  You know the ones I mean... filled with fun, a little intrigue and lots of love, perfect for future reminiscing when someone asks about the unique gift hanging on the wall.
It is often a difficult task to purchase a special present for a loved one, so when someone gives the gift of one of my flag paintings I am honored.

Thanks S & K, and Merry Christmas to your Dad!

Commission, 12x6 oil on canvas

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