Monday, November 29, 2010

Floral Paining of a Lily, Inner Beauty XII: Winter Light, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Today was a bright sunny winter day, perfect for painting a white lily reflecting some of the winter light.

Alberta is sometimes called the "Sunshine Province" because our province has more sunny days than any other province in Canada.  Even though our winters can be long and cold, at least we have more than our share of sunshine, which can help to alleviate a bit of the cabin fever we may experience over the next few (ok, more than a few) months...
As a bit of trivia for my fellow Albertans, did you know that the 'Provincial Stone' for Alberta is petrified wood?  This choice makes sense when you think about how dinosaur rich this province is.  I feel rather special because we just happen to have a piece of polished petrified wood from the Badlands of Alberta on display in our living-room.

10x10 oil on canvas. (+ 15.00 S/H anywhere in North America)


Catherine Jeffrey said...

Great color and light. Like the pinky subtleness of the picture against the warm darks. Great flag painting as well!

Becky Joy said...

Beautiful flower. I love lilies.

Becky Joy said...

Beautiful flower, one of my favorites.