Friday, December 10, 2010

Flag Paintings, by Canadian Artist, Kim Blair

  Imagine what a larger version of your flag might look like...  

My studio has become Santa's workshop, so I won't be posting anything for a few days, as I am busy painting some (you guessed it) flag painting commissions!

If you think you 'missed a great gift idea' it's not too late.  You may place your flag order, and when I paint it, (before Christmas) I will send you a photo of your purchase so that you can print it off (in color) and slip it under the tree, telling the recipient that the real thing will be arriving after the holidays.
January can be dull and a bit boring... so why not have the anticipation of a package arriving ' a little late' from the North Pole... or Edmonton?

1 comment:

Ruth Andre said...

Your flowers are always so beautiful and now I love seeing your flag paintings. I love the larger canvas size too.