Sunday, December 5, 2010

Floral Painting of an Orchid, White Phal, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Once upon a time, when I was a Florist, orchids were considered exotic flowers.  Although we have access to a wide variety of orchids from a number of stores, I think they still fall into the exotic category.

Most people are introduced to orchids through the phalaenopsis variety.  Pots of elegant, arching sprays of these blooms can be seen displayed on coffee tables in many design magazines across North America.  The classic white hybrid is often called a moth orchid and seems to be a popular variety among interior designers, and for good reason.   Phalaenopsis are generally rewarding plants, and are not demanding.   In the right conditions they will reward the grower with months of showy blooms.  The only thing that might be more rewarding is owning this painting of a 'phal' (as we liked to call them when I was a florist).

Guaranteed not to die while you are on holidays, she can take a draft... so hang her where ever you please!

12x12 oil on canvas

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Karen Bruson said...

Wonderful transition of values.