Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tree Painting, Lodge Pole Pines I, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Lodge Pole Pines I, 10x10, oil on canvas

 'Tree Pose'

It was an overcast and snowy day when I took the reference photo for this painting, but even a gray day can have it's own magic.  These lodge pole pines grow along the Bow River in the mountain resort town of Banff, here in Alberta.  Fine snow flakes began to fill the sky as we walked back from Bow Falls to the main street of the town.  A few dogs played together long the path, kicking up snow as they chased each other through the trees, while a horse and sleigh jingled its way down the road next to the river.
A winter wonderland.

P.S.  Anyone who does yoga will get my 'tree pose' joke...



Pam Holnback said...

Wow! You really captured the feel of the trees, the winter, the gray. Great job.

Linda Popple said...

Beautiful painting! I like the touches of red.