Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Silver on Silver, Upside Down, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Raise your hand (or fork) if you think I am having fun with this cutlery and tin-foil series!

Setting a table is something most of us do everyday... whether it consists of a knife, fork and spoon is a personal choice.  Usually I only set out a knife and fork, leaving the spoon in the cutlery drawer, unless we are having soup, or a saucy food that may require a spoon to scoop up every last delicious morsel.  One thing I often switch around is the direction of the knife blade, sometimes I am an 'inny' and sometimes I am an 'outy'.

Fortunately, I do realize the errors of my haphazard ways... and will try to be more consistent with the blade, making sure I am more of an inny since we wouldn't want anyone to cut themselves on a rather dull bread knife, plus you never know when Martha might show up unexpectedly for dinner.

Speaking of Martha Stewart, she has a good tip on how to keep your  sterling silverware from tarnishing by sewing up a handy sectioned cutlery bag from special cotton flannel fabric that has been treated with zinc. Check it out here.
*I read in her contributors' comment section that here in Canada we can supposedly purchase this fabric from Lee Valley Tools.

Are you an inny or an outy... or do you care?

$150.00, 8x10 oil on canvas

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Anonymous said...

Kim...this series is so fab...especially love today's . I am definitely an inny.....it's all about the elegance and non-aggression at the dining room table.