Monday, March 21, 2011

Floral Painting of Delphinium, Blue on Grey, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Blue on Grey
8x10 oil on canvas

This is a 'high key' painting, which means that it consists of mainly lighter colors.

Our backyard has a weathered grey fence that creates a nice backdrop for my flower garden... especially taller plants and flowers.  Delphinium colors, or at least the ones I grow, can be a surprise each summer.  I never know what variation of color is going to show up.  Some years there is a range of blue, all the way from baby blue to a dark ultramarine.  Other years I may find wispy stalks of white blooms with a hint of dusty blue, scattered amongst the lilies; while large dark purple blooms lurk in the corners of the garden... waiting patiently for a bumble bee to happen by.

A stem of blue on grey is the most striking.  A lacy branching of delicate blue blooms, bobbing and swaying in a summer breeze... looking demure... waving to everyone.

8x10 oil on canvas

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