Sunday, March 20, 2011

Studio Interior photo with Iris paintings, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

This studio shot might be called 'Mini Me!'

The  smaller 6x12 inch painting called  'Blue Wings' was created first (as a bit of a study) before I painted the larger 12x36 inch version called, 'Blue Wings Too.'  Once I completed the larger painting, and stood back for the final view after I signed my name to 'Blue Wings Too', this fun juxtaposition jumped out at me.
There was my smaller 'mini me' daily painting version, overshadowed by the larger gallery version.  So, I thought I would share the view, and let you see the size comparison, (and my painting setup).

I love my studio...

Plus, I added a Haiku Poem to my 'Orange Beard' painting.

*(These Japanese Iris postings can be seen on my blog... March 7, for the small one and March 17 for the larger version)


mary maxam said...

very nice Kim, love the intense blue here and nice to see the comparison in process .

Holly Ducarte said...

Beautiful studio Kim, wow. :)

Ruth Andre said...

Kim, Thanks for sharing the beautiful small and large Iris paintings side by side in your studio. Very nice!