Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Semi Abstract Painting, Wicker Dreams III, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Wicker Dreams III
10x10 oil on canvas

This is the third painting in the series.  Each painting is created from a unique view of the wicker trunk I mentioned in the two previous postings.  As I photographed the trunk (I have about 300 photos of it now) from various angles I began to think about the years of dust collected in the grooves and cracks of the weave.  I know there must be traces of dust from Vienna, but who knows where the trunk was constructed... there could be bits of dust from other countries in Europe too.  Dust plus memories woven into each strand by each person who worked on it, from the person who harvested the reeds to the craftsman who bent them into shape, and finally to the merchant who sold the wicker trunk to Ada's family in Austria.

The subtle, often seemingly insignificant connections in life.

10x10 oil on canvas 


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Anonymous said...

Kim, these Wicker Dreams series are so cool. What a fab idea and so well executed.....and you can feel the history behind the pieces too.