Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Semi Abstract Painting, Woven, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

20x30 oil on gallery profile canvas

'Woven' is the largest paintings so far, in my wicker series, and is the most dramatic of the series to date.  Choosing a name for a painting can sometimes be a difficult decision... but 'Woven' suits this painting on so many levels.
The symbolism of the name starts with the canvas itself... woven cotton fabric stretched over a wooden frame and coated in white gesso.   Thick, creamy oil paint was brushed onto this canvas into the woven pattern of the wicker trunk I have been using as a painting prop.
Lines and shapes intertwine, forming the image of reeds woven tightly together, creating a container... for storage.   Some reeds are thicker than others, but all sizes are useful and each length of the plant fiber snuggles up close to the next one to increase the strength of the finished product... the wicker trunk.

A place to store precious belongings, a place to keep them safe.  A 'Hope Chest' of sorts...

$500.00, 20x30 oil on gallery profile canvas

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mary maxam said...

A really unique and beautiful view. This magnified view has that object/abstract look that draws you in.