Monday, May 30, 2011

Pen and Ink drawing, Apron Detail I, By Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Apron Detail I
5x4 pen and ink

Meanwhile back at the Fort... (Fort Edmonton that is) I was scouting out different things to sketch and found a clothesline with an apron tied to it flapping in the breeze, perfect!  Or at least it seemed like a good idea at the time... but just try to draw an apron billowing in the wind.  The folds become a nightmare, but I loved sketching the detail of the fabric tied onto the line, with one cord twisted into a little spiral shape, while the other one looped into a knot.
Heavy old cotton fabric sewn into an apron, drying on the line... these were days before clothes pins!

5x4 pen and ink detail section of larger drawing on acid free paper

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