Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Still Life, Inspired by Morandi, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Still Life, oil 10x10
My attempt of a copy of a Morandi Still Life
 Still Life by Morandi, 1951

This painting was not easy to do.  Although I enjoyed trying to copy a Morandi painting it was more difficult than I expected.  I can see numerous differences in the two pieces, but the exercise was worth the effort.  I will keep my painting as a reminder that it is good to try and copy a famous artist now and then in order to see if you can 'feel' your way into their work.

One thing I will do, is find some objects that speak to me and set up my own 'Morandi Style' still life to paint.  The muted color palette was fun to use, and quite different from my usual vibrant color choice.  An interesting discovery I made while painting this piece was that even when we try to copy another artist, it will never be an 'exact' copy because our anatomy is different, which accounts for the way our fingers and hands work, which in turn helps to identify our signature brush work, drawing, etc.  
'That little flick of the wrist makes all the difference...'

10x10 oil on canvas

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