Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Still Life of Chess, Two Knights, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Two Knights
10x10 oil on canvas
Do you play chess?  My first attempt was a few years ago, and perhaps it is time to play some more.  A friend gave us a wonderful wooden chess set about 4 years ago, after I lamented about not asking my father if I could have his set.
It seems (from my research) that chess has been around since about the 2nd century B.C.E. and originated in China, then travelled to India and on to Persia.   Some say it was invented by a woman between four or five thousand years ago in India...

The Moors brought it to Spain in the 8th century and Chess spread to Europe.  Chess supposedly represents the universe according to ancient Indian mysticism, with the four sides being the four elements of fire, water, earth and air.  The rules have not changed too much over the years, although the the chess pieces are often known by different names in different countries.  The European contribution to chess came around 1000 A.C.E. when they introduced the checkered board to assist the eye.  

It is a game of skill, and there is no luck involved (I can vouch for that!).  The first international chess tournament was held in London in 1851, and was won by a German professor of mathematics.  Chess is the national sport of Russia and is played more than football, which must account for their superiority in the game. "Practice makes Perfect."

10x10 oil on canvas

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