Monday, December 26, 2011

Amaryllis Floral Painting, Red Gold, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Red Gold
12x12, oil on canvas

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season... best wishes for the coming new year.

*This posting is to let you know that I am having some problems with my email.  The good thing is that I have been able to receive your emails, the bad thing is that I just found out on December 23, that the recipients of my emails have NOT been receiving them, and I am not sure how long this problem has been going on, because from my end it said they were 'sent'.  So I apologize to anyone who has sent me an email in the last few months and is wondering why they have not received a reply.  Please know that I will try to get this rectified asap!  (And here I thought that Macs were foolproof... here's hoping it is our service provider and not a virus.)

In the mean time please still send me an email if you would like, but include your phone number if you require an immediate response, or call me at 780-474-6734, mountain standard time.

*For those of you who have recently purchased a painting from my via my blog and pay-pal, thank you and  please know that it will be sent out this week... just in case you did not receive my confirmation email.  If some of you did not send me your phone number please feel free to telephone me,  to confirm your parcel will be in the mail.

Thanks again to everyone who let me know they are enjoying my show/exhibition at the University Hospital here in Edmonton... the show runs until the end of January... one more month.

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Patricia MacDonald said...

Wonderful paintings, Kim.