Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Harcourt Members Show and Sale, Two Florals, (not the Moose), by Kim Blair,

Me at opening night of the
  Harcourt Members Show and Sale
standing beside

No the moose painting isn't mine... but I thought the positioning of my two floral paintings below him (her?) was fun.  What do moose and other tall four legged animals (plus numerous small four legged animals) love to eat?  If you garden even a tiny bit you will know the answer to this one...

If you are interested in seeing an eclectic selection of art then make sure you check out this show, 'Symbiosis' at Harcourt House, 3rd Floor, 10215 - 112 Street, Edmonton.

The Show/Sale is on until July 21, 2012... 

Let me know if you see the moose... or if he has eaten my geranium!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cutlery, Oil Painting, Two of a Kind, by Kim Blair

Silver on Silver, Two of a Kind
8x10 oil on canvas

Two of a kind is a fitting post to revisit... it symbolizes the wonderful creative atmosphere in our home since January.  Sure, it has been going on longer, but the truly magical effects have been more obvious to both my husband and I for the past 6 months.  Most evenings we are cocooned in our cozy home... Ferdinand playing his guitar in the living room, while I am upstairs in the studio working on my art.

Both of us enjoying our individual creative processes... together. 

When we take our coffee (or wine) breaks we sit and share our inspirations... and our struggles.  

The wine really helps with the struggles...

$150.00, 8x10 oil on canvas, ready to hang

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Framed Pen and Ink, Birch IV, by Kim Blair

Birch IV (framed)
pen & ink

You might remember the post from April 11, mentioning that Birch IV sold and was on its way to Vancouver, Canada... well, it arrived and the collector had it framed.
He mentioned that the frame is a dark brown/black tone which enhances the subtle variations in the ink.
It is quite a thrill for me to see it matted and framed... hanging in his living room!

Thanks Rob for sending me the photo so that I could share it on my blog.