Monday, October 29, 2012

Garlic Image on Business Card, Kim Blair

'Blue Garlic' painting used as background image

It's always a thrill when someone takes the time to contact me about my art, whether it's a question, comment, or request to purchase a piece, I always enjoy the interaction.  So when Brian Sharp, a garlic farmer from White Salmon, Washington emailed in early October to inquire if he could arrange to use my ' Blue Garlic ' image on his business card I was tickled.  As you can see, whomever designed his business card did an excellent job!

So close and yet so far....

My husband and I did a wonderful driving trip this past July... down through southern Alberta and into the States, which took us along the Columbia River to the Hood River area, where we stayed one night... just across the bridge from where Brian lives and farms in Washington.   

It is a beautiful area along the Columbia River, and I am so happy to think that my Blue Garlic image will be circulating via Brian's business card.  He has promised to send me some images of his specialty garlic so that I can utilize his photos in some future garlic paintings.  Thanks Brian.

So if you are ever in his region of Washington, make sure to stop by his farm in Bingen, Washington or at his table at the White Salmon Farmers' Market to purchase some of his heirloom tomatoes, garlic and herbs... and please say hi for me.

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