Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another Look, Iris Oil Painting, Kim Blair

Blue Wings
6x12 oil on canvas

A number of subscribers have been telling me they are missing my daily paintings and are wondering when I am going to be posting some more work.  Well, I have not been idle... believe me!  Right now I am taking a drawing course at the University which requires an amazing amount of homework.   I am not complaining because the class is so interesting... the truth is I absolutely love doing the homework, but it does take up all my studio time.

Drawing is so important for an artist and it really helps to improve your hand/eye coordination, which translates into other areas of creativity... like painting.

The drawing class will be over in mid December, and then I will back at the easel... with brush in hand.

I could see this little blue iris painting tucked in someone's Holiday stocking...

For more holiday gift ideas  click on the following link to my gallery page.

6x12 oil on canvas

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