Saturday, January 26, 2013

Aneta on Stool, pen and ink with graphite, by Kim Blair

 Aneta on Stool with Teal Scarf
12x9 Ink, graphite and colored pencil study
on acid free paper
 Scribble Gesture Drawing/Study
Scribble Gesture Drawing/Study

I think I freaked out the young man sitting next to me at the Figure Drawing Session... he kept glancing over at my sketch book as I let my hand fly all over the page with my scribble gesture mark making during the quick poses.  He left at the break... I hope I did not scare him away thinking he was sitting next to a crazy woman.

Oh, well... I had fun letting my inner child out to play again!

This time I added some 4B graphite to the longer pose for the shadow areas along with some teal blue colored pencil for her scarf.   The softer graphite sticks work better for me than conte or charcoal because the graphite does not produce dust, but I still have to add a sheet of waxed paper over the drawing so that the graphite does not smudge onto the next page.

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