Friday, February 1, 2013

Rococo Pink, Poppy Painting oil on canvas, by Kim Blair

Rococo Pink
9x12 oil on canvas

Spring is only 2 months away... and my thoughts drifted to flowers... frothy pastel poppy blossoms to be exact... and viola, I had a reference photo of some spectacular pink toned specimens from last summer... how could a girl resist?

I named this painting after the Rococo period which developed in the early 18th century in Paris, France.  It was a more playful time for art and architecture and began in response to the heavier masculine Baroque style that was made popular by the Catholic Church.

A more curvaceous, asymmetrical design style Rococo was known for it's elaborate ornamentation combined with pastel-like colours creating a graceful whimsical approach to design whether it be fashion, art, gardens or architecture.

Marie Antoinette enjoyed Rococo, for a while...

Too much of a good thing is definitely not good for your health!

9x12 (needs some drying time)

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