Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Avocado Ripple, Collage Painting, by Kim Blair

Avocado Ripple
8.25x9.5 collage
 on acid free paper 

I looked in my magic shoe box of collage papers last night... and look what appeared... an  Avocado!

 After perusing the various colors and textures amongst my treasure trove of papers I was inspired to create Avocado Ripple... but I must confess that it was inspired by Avocado Gold, a previous avocado painting I did a couple of years ago.   The ripped green paper utilized for the avocado flesh gives it a similar 3D appearance that I enjoy creating with oil paint and a palette knife.

If you click on the image for a close-up look you will see that I used some graphite for the shadow edge of the striped fabric where it drapes over the edge of the table.  

Who knows what else is hiding in that shoe box?

*(It may be available for purchase in the future)

1 comment:

mary maxam said...

Whatever is hiding in that shoe box, I would pull it out immediately!This is gorgeous and I admire your paint/collage technique-wow!