Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hand Collage, Collage Painting, by Kim Blair

Hand Collage
9x12, mixed media on acid free paper

I have been trying my hand (no pun intended) at collage art.  One class in the drawing course I completed this past fall at the University of Alberta included one session on collage... we did self- portraits.   That session proved to be very inspiring and I have since been working on a sketch book that will be devoted entirely to collage images.
Yes, there will be some self-portraits, along with some general portrait work, plus a myriad of images taken from life and my imagination.  The freeing aspect of collage is the very fact that it is often cut or torn paper combined with various mixed media applied to some form of support.

It can get out of hand... (again no pun intended), so I have set myself some parameters for the cut and/or torn paper component of my collages.   A shoe box in my studio is about half full of various Japanese and other assorted coloured and printed papers, maps and phone book pages... so I will not and I repeat 'will not' (emphasis is so that I hear myself) purchase any new collage papers until the box is empty!  This self imposed limitation on what I can utilize may make me more creative.

By limiting my choices I am liberating my brain to be as creative as possible while making good use of the materials at my disposal within the 'magic shoe box.'  Of course there is no limit on paint, inks or drawing implements.

Each collage will be different, and I thought adding them periodically to my blog postings would spice things up a bit...  along with the life drawings I will be posting, so be prepared to see some new art on my blog.

* Click on the image to see the various textures close-up

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