Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Red Diner I and Red Diner II, Abstract Collage, Mixed Media Painting, by Kim Blair

   Red Diner I
6x6 collage, mixed media
on acid free paper

Red Diner II
6x6 collage, mixed media
on acid free paper

Whether you enjoyed your hamburger, fries and milkshake perched at the counter on a red vinyl covered stool or were lucky enough to procure bench seating in a booth you experienced a piece of American history that began around 1872.   A horse drawn lunch wagon selling sandwiches and coffee to late night newspaper workers morphed into a fixed establishment through the repurposing of railroad dining cars, and acquired the name 'diner'.

What most of us remember and still get to experience is the classic version that first appeared after WWII... a stream-lined chrome beauty styled to express speed and mobility... a futuristic design updating the original box car.

Diner cuisine seems to be going a bit upscale these days thanks to all the cooking shows on The Food Network, but I bet most of us still think of diner cuisine as 'comfort food.'

Enjoy your carbs... and then head to the gym!


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LindaHunt said...

Nice piece! I have been working my way toward collage on a small scale. This encourages me and inspires me.
Love the great information on diners. I have always loved the feeling of these eateries. They were a great part of my childhood.