Monday, March 18, 2013

Jester Red
12x9 oil on canvas

During Medieval times the Jester held a special place at court.  He (or she) was allowed to poke fun at the Courtiers and the King... often pointing out the 'Pink Elephants' in the room.  The Jester was encouraged to speak the truth, and because of his lower social status his honesty did not usually pose a threat to the King.  Being the court clown was the Jester's job and his clothing reflected this station in life... often multicolored or striped breaches were worn, along with a floppy hat over their shaved heads   ... a comical character not bound by the social structure of court life. 

Often trained as a musician and/or acrobat they spent their days and nights entertaining the Monarch and his guests, freely offering advise or insights through the power of comedy.

As the saying goes, "Many a truth was said in jest!"

Or as Mr. Shakespeare  wrote in King Lear... "Jesters do oft prove prophets."

12x9 oil on canvas

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Suzanne, Life Drawing , by Kim Blair

 Suzanne Thinking
Life Drawing, Ink on Paper

Suzanne Side View
Life Drawing, Ink on Paper

One Minute Poses with Suzanne
7 poses on a 9x12 
Life Drawing, Ink on Paper

The spontaneity of drawing a live model with pen and ink allows me to create line work that I feel is more alive than when I use a graphite pencil.  Using a pencil gives you the option to erase any line that you are not completely happy with while trying to capture the pose of the live model before you.  

There is a certain freedom in knowing that the ink mark you make on the paper is permanent.  No chance for perfectionism to creep into the drawing by fussing with an eraser trying to eradicate any line that you think might be less than perfect.

For me there is real joy and a sense of freedom in laying down vibrant energetic marks trying to capture the essence of the model.

The beauty of each mark stays on the paper...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Van Gogh View, by Kim Blair

Van Gogh View
11x14 oil on canvas

Most of you know that Van Gogh's work is a huge source of inspiration for my art journey.  Most days I have lunch or coffee with him via whatever book on his life or work that happens to be in my possession.  Recently the book, 'Van Gogh Face to Face, The Portraits' has been following me around the house.  Almost every page has an image of one of his numerous portrait paintings...vibrant creamy strokes of luscious color meticulously yet energetically applied to his canvas.

Thick swirls and expressive lines of paint sculpted with his brush to portray his view of the model.  Never meant to be an exact likeness of the sitter, his work was more about capturing a certain essence he saw in the individual person posing for him.

That's how I feel about my work... I am striving to capture the energy and vitality of my subject matter, whether it be a portrait... or a pepper.

$200.00 (+ $18.00 S/H anywhere in Canada) contact me for USA S/H fees.
11x14 inches, oil on canvas

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oscar Night

Ferdinand and Kim
Oscar Party 2013

The Oscar party theme at our friends annual Academy Awards night party last month was to wear something glittery and/or red...

Ferdinand was able to make use of a fun dark green glitter vest we found for him while shopping at a costume store one Halloween, and I finally had an occasion to wear the bargain-bin black and red chiffon dress that I purchased on a whim a few years ago from a rather nice dress store.

Oscar parties are always a good time... lots of delicious finger food, some good laughs and of course the best part is playing 'the fashion police' when it comes to celebrity attire.

I think there is a little bit of Joan Rivers in all of us!

What is said at our Oscar parties stays at our Oscar parties...

(more pepper paintings coming up next)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Paper Sun, Collage, by Kim Blair

Paper Sun
6x9 collage on acid free paper

Paper Sun is part of my ongoing collage/mixed media series.  I added a bit more definition with some black ink using a nib pen.  My shoe box of paper choices is starting to get a bit limited and I may have to incorporate other source materials for future collage pieces.

The brown seed centers of these sunflowers have multiple layers of paper creating a bit more texture and depth.

* (click on the image to see the texture of the paper)