Saturday, March 16, 2013

Suzanne, Life Drawing , by Kim Blair

 Suzanne Thinking
Life Drawing, Ink on Paper

Suzanne Side View
Life Drawing, Ink on Paper

One Minute Poses with Suzanne
7 poses on a 9x12 
Life Drawing, Ink on Paper

The spontaneity of drawing a live model with pen and ink allows me to create line work that I feel is more alive than when I use a graphite pencil.  Using a pencil gives you the option to erase any line that you are not completely happy with while trying to capture the pose of the live model before you.  

There is a certain freedom in knowing that the ink mark you make on the paper is permanent.  No chance for perfectionism to creep into the drawing by fussing with an eraser trying to eradicate any line that you think might be less than perfect.

For me there is real joy and a sense of freedom in laying down vibrant energetic marks trying to capture the essence of the model.

The beauty of each mark stays on the paper...

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