Monday, March 18, 2013

Jester Red
12x9 oil on canvas

During Medieval times the Jester held a special place at court.  He (or she) was allowed to poke fun at the Courtiers and the King... often pointing out the 'Pink Elephants' in the room.  The Jester was encouraged to speak the truth, and because of his lower social status his honesty did not usually pose a threat to the King.  Being the court clown was the Jester's job and his clothing reflected this station in life... often multicolored or striped breaches were worn, along with a floppy hat over their shaved heads   ... a comical character not bound by the social structure of court life. 

Often trained as a musician and/or acrobat they spent their days and nights entertaining the Monarch and his guests, freely offering advise or insights through the power of comedy.

As the saying goes, "Many a truth was said in jest!"

Or as Mr. Shakespeare  wrote in King Lear... "Jesters do oft prove prophets."

12x9 oil on canvas

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