Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mayan Gold, Avocado Painting, by Kim Blair

Mayan Gold
9x12 oil on canvas

We just returned home from a lovely two week vacation in Mexico and while we were there I consumed lots of avocados... in the form of guacamole.  Lucky for me some of the other people on the trip were 'guacamole experts' whipping up fresh batches every few days for the group to consume with corn chips along with their other specialty... lime margaritas!  Another member of the group assumed guacamole duty (and fresh salsa duty) later on in the trip, making sure we were never without this rich buttery treat.

Besides being a staple in Mayan and Mexican cuisine my research revealed that through the centuries the avocado seed and skin were also utilized for numerous health and beauty treatments.  One source suggested blending the soft buttery flesh with some honey and lime juice to create a nourishing facial/mask.

Avocados are 'Mayan Gold' ... a national treasure.


9x12 oil on canvas


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Linda Popple said...

I live in Texas and guacamole is a staple here - as well as, margaritas! Your avocado painting is superb!!