Monday, September 25, 2017

Paper Lilies, by Kim Blair

Paper Lilies
(10"x10" oil on canvas)

Garlic belongs to the lily family... Allium. When we think of lilies we usually do not think of garlic, but the two are related, with garlic being the aromatic cousin of the shapely lily. Both are equally welcome at most parties... although, if you are a vampire, you would probably hang out with the floral bouquet and stay clear of the dip!

Speaking of vampires... my research revealed that because garlic was used to ward off blood sucking mosquitos it was only natural that it would be considered the veggie of choice to ward off blood sucking vampires. Makes total sense.

So in honour of garlic (and vampires of course)... here is my attempt at some Vampire Haiku.

A trickle of red
drips down her delicate neck.
She forgot garlic!

Paper Lilies, 10"x10" oil on canvas

$150.00 (+ $15.00 S/H anywhere in Canada) (contact me for S/H fees to USA)

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Green Goddess, by Kim Blair

Green Goddess
(10"x10" oil on canvas)

Nothing says retro like Green Goddess salad dressing... unless you toss in a new ingredient. Avocado adds a rich creaminess which allows you to forgo the mayo, sour cream... even the yogourt! Here's the link to the recipe on 'Real Food with Dana', that I am going to try. 

This painting of an avocado on a red plate is guaranteed 'dairy-free' and will add zing to your kitchen wall!

Green Goddess
10"x10" oil on canvas (needs some drying time)

$150.00 (+ $15.00 S/H anywhere in Canada) (contact me for S/H fees to USA)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Mona Lisa, by Kim Blair

Mona Lisa
(10"x10" oil on canvas)

I know you're looking at this painting of an avocado and thinking... Huh?  I don't get it, but stay with me on this one.  While staring at this painting... trying to name it... Mona Lisa popped into my head.  I thought the name really suited it, but was unable to come up with a rational reason.

Then I decided to google Mona Lisa and avocado.  I discovered an artist who drew the Mona Lisa on a white plate using mashed avocado flesh ... I'm not kidding!    Click here to have a look for yourself.

(Leonardo is probably rolling over in his grave as I write this post.)

Mona Lisa
10"x10" oil on canvas (needs some drying time)


Monday, September 4, 2017

Blood Oranges, by Kim Blair

Blood Oranges
(10"x10" oil on canvas)

 (Grouping of the three citrus paintings)

Blood Oranges is the third still life painting of citrus fruit on canvas.  Each still life set-up was  arranged on tin foil to create colourful shimmering reflections.

Thanks again to Canadian artist Mary Pratt and her 'Red Currant Jelly' jar painting for inspiring this series of citrus fruit arranged on tin foil for the reference photo... but painted on canvas.

These three paintings, each created on 10"x10" canvas, look good individually, but as a grouping of three hung either in a row horizontally (as I have them arranged on my easel in the above photo), or vertically, would look stunning in a kitchen, dinning room, or hall way.

(See the previous 2 postings for the lime and lemon paintings.)

Blood Oranges, 10"x10" oil on canvas