detail from abstract

detail from abstract

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inner Beauty XIII: Fringed Beauty, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Today I am adding a new addition to my inner beauty series.  I have painted this fringed poppy before, and felt it calling to me once again.  This particular variety grows in a front yard garden in the community of Riverdale, here in Edmonton.

My mother-in-law used to make a delicious sweet bread that was rolled like a jelly roll with poppy seed paste inside, (plus another one with walnut paste inside).  Both sweet treats were devoured very quickly whenever we received a loaf or two from her...  of course she had a special way of making it.

Whenever I see any poppy seed strudel for sale at a farmers' market or bake sale, I purchase a loaf for my husband.  His eyes light up like a Christmas tree when he sees this special treat, and even though the poppy seed roll will never replace his Mom's baking, he consumes every last morsel all the same...  It seems that many Europeans made this type of sweet treat, and I found a recipe for the poppy seed filling just in case you wanted to try it.
As they would say in Austria... Mahlzeit!

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10x10 oil on canvas



A beauty!
Rarely see poppy seed, so that is surprising yoiu found the loaves Kim.
My Mom made Hungarian balish with poppy seed filling when I was young. Such good memories.
And welcome to Facebook.

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Ohh I like this. The curled petal on the bottom right just makes it. I love how feathery the flower feels.