Frida inspired art jacket

This jean jacket (which I painted) was one of the items in the 

Annual Spring Auction


The Friends of the University of Alberta Hospital
This painting began with a piece of cotton canvas washed and dried in order to create creases in the fabric, giving her image a bit of an underlying 'edge' so that my rendering of Frida offers not only her beauty but a subtle impression of her tempestuous life. 

Her image was created with fabric paints, then sewn onto the jacket with a machine satin-stitch. Floral chiffon fabric suggests the flowers she enjoyed wearing in her hair.

Crystal buttons in her headpiece along with tiny crystal sequins on her earrings add sparkle.

The jacket is a size 8/10 or a smallish medium.

(It will be hung as an art piece)

I have included a short slideshow video of how she was created.

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