Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Peach Ice

Another cold snowy day here in the north...

Sumptuous opaque passages of oil paint applied with my palette knife, (say that with crackers in your mouth!) create swirls and ridges of peach ice.  As the knife cuts into the paint it traces patterns, evoking the veining found in a delicate iris bloom and the folds of soft petals tightly wound into ruffled cones sitting in green sleeves.  Intricate details drawn with the edge of a knife and bristles of a brush.

Click on the image to create a larger version so that you can see what I mean.

My last creamy Iris for a while...

10x10 oil on canvas (the thicker paint will need a bit more drying time)

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Lynne Taetzsch said...

Hi Kim,

I love flowers, but even more, I love your paintings of them! Wonderful sense of composition, brushstrokes, color. You are able to capture the delicate yet vibrant nature of flowers.