Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reference Photo with Painting, Orange Ice,Kim Blair

 'Orange Ice', 11x14 oil on canvas
Reference Photo for 'Orange Ice'

While browsing through some poppy photos I came upon the reference photo for 'Orange Ice'.  It was interesting for me to see how much the two looked similar and yet how different they were at the same time.   Which led me to remember... it is our 'interpretation' of what we are looking at that becomes the painting... and what you 'leave out' is just as significant as what you 'leave in'.

*This painting is included in my exhibition at the University of Alberta Hospital.  The exhibition will be on display until February 6... just 9 more days with a percentage of sale proceeds going to 'The Friends of the University Hospital'.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pen and Ink Drawing of an Amaryllis, Amaryllis Allegory, Kim Blair

Amaryllis Allegory
6x9 pen & ink 

When I plant an amaryllis bulb in mid November what I am really doing is planning beauty, hope and magic in a pot of peat moss.   Then I water it every week and watch it intently, waiting for the first sign of a green sprout... a harbinger of sorts.  Once the sprout appears it is as if time quickens... each day the plant grows by an inch or more.
Then one day, you wake up to a bit of color peeking out from the green bud as it begins to mature, and in a few days you will behold the most magnificent bloom balanced on a long tubular stalk.  Like a majestic royal red scepter stuck in a little pot sitting proudly on our coffee table, our amaryllis holds court at all our December gatherings.
Silky red petals folded back into a trumpet shape with fluffy golden pillows of pollen on fleshy stamens popping out from the flower centre... pure magic!  An amaryllis brings life to a cold wintery day... and night.
*(click on the image to see a close up of the mark making use to create this image, or should I say allegory)

$50.00 (+ $10.00 S/H anywhere in North America)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pen and Ink Drawing of a Sunflower, Medieval Sun, Kim Blair

Medieval Sun
pen and ink on 140 lb watercolor paper

We watched a DVD the other night on 'Hildegard of Bingen', born in Germany in 1098 she became a Medieval mystic,  visionary, and Abbess.  She wrote numerous books on music, health, nutrition, medicine, and spirituality... quite an accomplishment for a woman during her time in history.
Her particular slant on how the nuns in her convent could dress on special occasions (they often wore jewelry, and white dresses with their long hair flowing) caused quite a stir... perhaps that is one of the reasons she attracted a number of wealthy, women to join her convent.  

Watching the video got me contemplating the arts in general... and my thoughts soon drifted to the beautiful drawings of Rembrandt and Leonardo, which gave me the idea to put pen to paper and create some art.

I hear it is good for you...

6x9, pen and ink on 140 lb water color paper

$50.00 + $10.00 S/H anywhere in North America (contact me for S/H rates outside NA)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pen and Ink Drawing of a Sunflower, Medieval Muse,Kim Blair

Medieval Muse
9x6, pen and ink
 on 140 lb hot pressed watercolor paper

When looking at old drawings I love to get in close and check out the subtle nuances of the artist's mark making... fun little twists and turns of the drawing instrument which create the character of the work.  The reference photo for this one was taken at the Highland's Community Garden, in our neighbourhood.  You might remember the oil painting I did last fall of a sunflower (called Highland Sun) from the same stand of majestic blooms...
I am starting a series of pen and ink drawings... most will be a finished size of 6x9 (or 9x6), on 140 lb acid free hot-pressed watercolor paper, with a 1/2 inch edge outside of the artwork for framing purposes.

(This ink drawing is on white paper, but the photo makes it look grey)

Hot off the drawing pad... ready for you to add a mat and frame.

$50.00 + $10.00 S/H anywhere in North America. (*contact me for S/H outside of N.A.)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Poppy Painting, Orange Flames,Artist Kim Blair

Orange Flames
10x10, oil on canvas

I am happy to report that my email is back up and running!  It certainly is hard to believe how much we (read I) have come to depend on email to communicate with the world and do business.

This poppy painting is hanging in our home.  Vibrant orange petals like wispy flames dancing around a dusting of electric blue pollen... a sort of whirling dervish of creative impulses.

My head is swimming with ideas for a series of larger paintings, which I will be setting aside for shows.  The majority of blog postings this year will be drawings... some pen & ink... some mixed media, etc.

Stay tuned for some twists and turns... you never know what may show up in a post this year.

Best Wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy 2012!